Why I chose the Travel industry!

As a small business owner, I could have chosen any of a number of different businesses to start online.  Why did I chose Travel?  When the idea was presented to me by my fiancé who’s sister had introduced her to the industry, the question was asked of me ” Don’t we travel anyway? Why not get paid to do it.  She continued to tell me that as a Travel agent and home business owner we would be able to write off the cost of our traveling as a business expense. Now this made perfect sense to me, we were already traveling every year. Not to mention family members who would travel to see each other and vacation several times a year.  She then explained that we could also receive a commission on our own trips!  At this point I was just about sold on the idea, yet still a bit skeptical about starting a business. What do I know about starting a business? She said that everything you need is already available for you through the host agency which is Paycation Travel.  They will host your very own website where you can book travel or have family, friends, and customers book trips right from your website. Everytime someone books a trip from you, you will get 75% of the commission.  However, I wasn’t sold yet.  Then she told me about the tax benefits.  She said having a home business will act as a tax shelter. She said I would be able to write off my cell phone bill, a portion of the energy bill, a portion of my rent, gas, insurance. Whoa! now I was sold, I had already been getting taxed heavily and could no longer file my children who have grown up as dependents, so I needed a tax shelter!  When I saw what she received on her tax return, I was a believer.  How do I sign up?  She gave me a link to her website and told me to click on opportunity.  After about 5 minutes give or take I was signed up and just like she had said I had my own website that is powered by Priceline.  Shortly after signing up I was able to file my taxes and couldn’t believe my return after just a short amount of time.  Since that time I can’t believe how my life has changed.  I was working a full time job at the time, now working my business part time I’m making more than my full time job!  Between booking trips for family, friends, churches, business people as well as the marketing side of the business which is real simple, I just tell people what i’ve done and invite them to do the same and I get residual income for it!  Which means the checks keep coming regularly.